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Traditional Aftercare Instructions

  1. Leave the bandage on your tattoo for 3 hours, or overnight, whichever occurs first.
  2. Remove the bandage from your tattoo and wash your tattoo thoroughly with warm water and an antibacterial unscented soap. Continue to wash your tattoo 3 times per day until healed.
  3. For 3 nights before bed, wash your tattoo and pat dry with a clean towel. Let your tattoo air out for about 10 minutes. Wrap it with clean plastic wrap and remove the wrap when you wake up in the morning. There will be plasma, blood, and ink under the wrap, which is normal. Wash your tattoo thoroughly.
  4. After 3 nights of wrapping, you can start using a tattoo ointment or unscented lotion. Do so in small amounts, throughout the day, after washing.

Saniderm/Tegaderm Aftercare Instructions

  1. If your artist applied one of these types of bandages, leave it on for 3 days. The bandage is waterproof and allows oxygen to pass through it.
  2. Exception: You may remove and reapply a new piece of Saniderm/Tegaderm on the second day, if you desire. If you apply a fresh bandage on the 2nd day, you may leave that one on for 5 days. 

Note: Fluid build up under the Saniderm/Tegaderm is completely normal. You may leave it there, or attempt to squeeze some out of the edge. Either way is fine.

Restrictions for 3 weeks:

  1. No swimming, baths, or submerging your tattoo under water.
  2. No direct sunlight. (Once healed, apply SPF 50 to your tattoo when exposed.)
  3. We do not recommend working out while your tattoo is healing. That being said, we know some of you fitness junkies might find that hard. Be cautious about working out and visiting a gym. You want to avoid going to a gym for at least 1 week (2 is safer) since your tattoo is an open wound and could get infected. If you work out, make sure you wash your tattoo before and after. Applying a plastic wrap covering during the work out may help prevent irritation and aid in keeping your tattoo protected from bacteria. Make sure to remove wrap and wash directly after work out.

Note:  Your tattoo will start to flake, peel, and/or scab after a few days, this is normal. Do not pick, peel, or scratch your tattoo during this process. Wash and apply lotion as needed.

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