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Yes. All of our artists are permitted and inspected by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. We are all bloodborne pathogen trained and certified tattoo artists and piercers. All of our needles are single use, sterile needles. All other equipment used is sterilized properly and/or pre-sterilized disposable. Our in house autoclave is tested regularly to ensure safety. We also dispose of our single use needles in a sharps container, protect all of our equiptment with barrier film, and our artists are trained thoroughly, care, and are conscious.

This is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is: yes, there is some pain involved in getting tattooed. Different people handle pain differently, however, the amount of pain will depend on your personal pain tolerance. The pain level of a tattoo will also vary greatly depending on its’ location on the body. Some areas of the body are simply more painful when it comes to tattooing. While your personal pain tolerance should be something that you consider, remember that the pain is only temporary, and getting your tattoo where you really want it will ensure that you will be happiest with your tattoo for the long run.

In the state of NC you must be 18 years old to get tattooed. Must bring a valid state issued photo ID card.

Parents may not sign for minors to get tattooed.

Please do not bring anyone under the age of 18 in the studio.

Tattoo costs can vary greatly. In general, most tattoo artists will charge by the hour. Our artists hourly rates range from $125-200 per hour. Tattoo estimates must be given in person, after a consultation. There are many factors that an artist has to consider when giving an estimate. Remember, a tattoo is permanent. Consider your tattoo as an investment, and take your time to choose the right artist for your project. It is better to save up for a piece that you will be happy with for years to come to avoid the possibility of a costly cover-up in the future.

Getting a tattoo when your immune system isn’t at 100% isn’t the best idea. You’re going to need your strength and white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won’t be able to do if it’s already fighting against a virus and bacteria. You may also pass the illness to others at the studio. If you are truly sick and have an appointment, please call to discuss with our manager and reschedule for when you’re feeling well again. 

Tipping is a really nice gesture! But, there are no real solid ground rules for tipping. The rule of thumb is, if you appreciate the work your artist did, show them you appreciate them with a tip. It does not have to be a certain amount but most people like to tip around 20%.

Following proper tattoo aftercare is very important to ensure that your tattoo heals well and looks great once it is fully healed. Please read our aftercare instructions HERE.

Yes, the shop minimum is $100.

Yes, walk-ins are welcome assuming there is an artist to accommodate them. The only way to guarantee a spot is to set up an appointment.

Yes, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required.

To get tattooed by a specific artist, you can fill out our “booking request form”, give us a phone call or stop by the studio and we would be happy to set you up, or answer any questions! 

If you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment, we ask that you give us a weeks notice. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you do not want to lose your deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.

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