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Jordan opened Divine Arts Tattoo in 2012. His extreme passion for tattooing and art are what brought this vision to life. Integrity and grit are the backbones of everything that Jordan does. He has a deep passion for helping and encouraging others to succeed way past their expectations.

  • His wife Elle owns a bakery in the same strip, located just 3 doors down. Baked Well opened in 2018.
  • In January 2019, Jordan’s mom and brother opened a vegan ice cream store, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Plant + Love Ice Cream
    • Jordan’s brother passed on 9/17/20. Please consider donating to the GoFundMe to help support their mom “Mama Jo” and help raise funds for Matt’s memorial.

Enjoys: Time with family, reading, climbing, painting, travel, hiking, camping, distance cycling and running, homesteading, 

Interests: Ancient civilization and culture, mycology, astrology, consciousness, and sustainability.

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