Jordan opened Divine Arts Tattoo in 2012.

His wife Elle owns a bakery in the same strip, located just 3 doors down. Baked Well opened in 2018.

His mom and brother own a vegan ice cream store, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Plant + Love Ice Cream opened in 2019.

When not tattooing, Jordan is spending time with his family: Elle, Elijah and Margo! He also has 2 boxers and 2 cats. It gets a little hectic sometimes, but he wouldn’t have it any other way!

He enjoys rock climbing, painting, traveling, CrossFit, F3, obstacle course racing, hiking/camping, and playing with his kids.

His favorite styles of tattooing are traditional, black and grey realism, blackwork, single needle/fine line, color realism, portraits, mandalas, geometric, and anything that gives him a challenge.

As a kid, Jordan used to love looking at his grandpa’s old Navy tattoos. Since then, he had always wanted to own his own tattoo studio. Luckily, there are many artists in his family, so being a third generation artist, Jordan knew that this could be a reality!

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