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Abbi Nevills-Davis


Abbi started working in the tattoo industry in 2017 for a supply company, where she was privileged to learn all about the “ins” of the industry; including the process of ink making, building/repairing machines, proper cleanliness in a tattoo environment, learning all about the supplies, different uses for different processes/supplies, etc. During this time, she was able to learn from some amazing people with decades of experience working in the industry, and/or tattooing!

Not long after that, in June of 2018, Abbi began her career at Divine Arts. She is currently in her second year of tattooing, and is extremely passionate about it! Building relationships with her clientele is extremely important to Abbi. She takes the art of tattooing very seriously and does her best to give any client the tattoo of their dreams. From having collaborative appointments where you can make any adjustments to your design and she can give you professional advice, to giving you however many pillows possible to ensure your comfort and coziness during your tattoo!

While she enjoys tattooing a plethora of things, Abbi especially loves the nature-based designs! Think “cottagecore”. You’ll see a lot of that shine through in her portfolio.

In her personal time, she enjoy experimenting with other art mediums (print making, oil pastels, pencil drawing, etc.). Abbi and her husband have a load of animals who they adore. She loves spending time with her friends, being outdoors, and simply having new experiences.

If you feel like you would be a good fit with Abbi , she’d love to work with you! Booking can be done directly through the shop website, or feel free to stop in the shop!

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