Matthews: 980-339-8242

Rutherfordton: 828-375-5396

Blake McKnight


With over two decades of experience, Blake has cemented his place in the tattooing world as a profoundly skilled artist with a down-to-earth personality that clients immediately warm to. Originally hailing from Jupiter, Florida, Blake has brought his talents to Rutherfordton, NC, where he continues to leave a lasting impression on the skin of those lucky enough to be tattooed by him.


Blake’s passion lies in traditional tattooing. He has a profound respect for the history and craftsmanship of the art form, which is evident in every piece he creates. His work is a nod to the past while incorporating his unique touch, making each tattoo not just a piece of art but a story woven into the skin.


Away from the tattoo machine, Blake is rarely still. He dedicates his time to painting tattoo flash, a practice that not only hones his skills but also pays homage to the roots of traditional tattooing. His creative energy extends beyond ink and skin.


Music, especially the blues, holds a special place in Blake’s heart. It’s not uncommon to find him at music shows, soaking in the sounds that inspire much of his work. His love for exploration takes him across the country, seeking new experiences, landscapes, and stories to fuel his creativity.


Choosing Blake as your tattoo artist means embracing a piece of tattoo tradition, infused with the soulful depth of the blues and the authenticity of a true craftsman. His work is more than just a tattoo; it’s a journey through history, art, and music, immortalized on your skin.

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