Matthews: 980-339-8242

Rutherfordton: 828-375-5396

Mike Trimboli


Meet Mike, your go-to tattoo maestro, blending laid-back vibes with a rock-solid commitment to delivering tattoo masterpieces since 2010. Dive into the world of body art with a seasoned professional who not only specializes in the captivating realm of black and grey realism but effortlessly navigates through a diverse spectrum of styles.

With a canvas rooted in an extensive art background, Mike’s exceptional skills extend beyond the tattoo chair, showcasing his talent in crafting breathtaking graphite drawings. His artistic finesse transcends boundaries, ensuring each piece is a unique fusion of creativity and precision.

Beyond the ink and artistry, Mike’s heart lies in quality time with his beautiful daughter, infusing his craft with a personal touch and genuine passion. As an added layer to his artistic repertoire, Mike stands out as an experienced mastectomy scar cover-up artist, bringing hope and healing through the transformative power of ink.

Choose Mike for an unparalleled tattoo experience – where professionalism meets a touch of humor, and every stroke tells a story.

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